PhD Forum Winners

Awards to the top 3 best papers presented at the PhD Forum of each year:
PhD Forum 2019 Winner:

Commissions and Investment Adviser Misconduct
Tarun Patel, University of Washington

PhD Forum 2017 Winners:

PhD Forum – 3rd Prize: 
Periphery Dealers in Over-the-Counter Markets 
Chutiorn Tontivanichanon, London School of Economics

PhD Forum – 2nd Prize:
Leverage and Coverage Ratios 
Alexandr Belyakov, University of Pennsylvania

PhD Forum – 1st Prize:
Mutual Fund Benchmarking and Corporate Governance 
Yijun Zhou, INSEAD

PhD Forum 2016 Winners:

PhD Forum – 3rd Prize: 
Relationship Lending in Shadow Banking: Impact of Financial Firms' Cross Holding Relation in Money Market Funds
Ai He, Emory University

PhD Forum – 2nd Prize:
Asset Prices, Local Prospects and the Geography of Housing Dynamics
Preetesh Kantak, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD Forum – 1st Prize:
Synthetic Shorting with ETFs
Qifei Zhu, University of Texas at Austin
Frank Weikai Li, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

PhD Forum 2015 Winners:

PhD Forum – 3rd Prize: 
The Peso Problem: Evidence from the S&P 500 Options Market
Ti Zhou, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

PhD Forum – 2nd Prize:
Procyclicality of the Correlation between Dividend Growth and Consumption Growth
Nancy Xu, Columbia University

PhD Forum – 1st Prize:
Lesser-Known Stocks and Signal Cleanse
Chengwei Wang, INSEAD

PhD Forum 2014 Winners:

PhD Forum – 3rd Prize: 
Rise of a Network - Political Connections and Allocative Distortions
David Schoenherr, London Business School

PhD Forum – 2nd Prize:
Knowledge Network and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns
Kevin Tseng, Northwestern University

PhD Forum – 1st Prize:
A Revenue-Sharing Theory of the Firm
Jiasun Li, UCLA Anderson School of Management

PhD Forum 2013 Winners:

PhD Forum – 3rd Prize:
Bribes and Firm Value - Evidence from Anti-Bribery Regulation
Stefan Zeume, INSEAD

PhD Forum – 2nd Prize:
A Market-Based Funding Liquidity Measure and Seeing the Unobservable from the Invisible: The Role of CO2 in Measuring Consumption Risk
Zhuo Chen, Northwestern University
Andrea Lu, Northwestern University

PhD Forum – 1st Prize:
Soft Information in the Subprime Mortgage Market
Kanis Saengchote, Northwestern University

PhD Forum 2012 Winners:

PhD Forum – 3rd Prize:
LIBOR’s Poker: Interbank Borrowing Costs and Strategic Reporting
Jiakai Chen, University of California, Berkeley

PhD Forum – 2nd Prize:
Auctions of Real Options: Security Bids, Moral Hazard and Strategic Timing
Lin William Cong, Stanford Graduate School of Business

PhD Forum – 1st Prize:
Durable Matters? An Alternative Measure of Consumption Risk
Rui Cui, University of Chicago