Global Governance

Over the last several years, the UNSW Associate Researchers at the IGF have published several outstanding high impact reearch work on Global Governace. Their research studies have been published in the leading international journals.  The IGF has also published major research works as special issues of the Journal of Banking and Finance, one of the leading international finance journals. The IGF produced these special issues based on the papers presented at a number of the Australasian Finance and Banking conferences.  These publications are listed below:

News media coverage and corporate leverage adjustments (2019)
Dang TL, Dang VA, Moshirian F, Nguyen L, Zhang B, Journal of Banking and Finance 109:01 Dec 2019, forthcoming
How valuable are independent directors? Evidence from external distractions (2019)
R. W. Masulis (University of New South Wales) and Zhang, E.J. (Monash University) , 2019, Journal of Financial Economics, 132 (3), 226-256
Does CEO Bias Escalate Repurchase Activity? (2018)
Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner ML; Nanda V, 2018, Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 93, pp. 105 - 126
Executive Overconfidence and Securities Class Actions (2018)
Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner ML; Nanda V; Tham M, 2018, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, vol. 53, pp. 2685 - 2719
Executive overconfidence and compensation structure (2016)
Humphery-Jenner ML; Lisic L; Nanda V; Silveri S, 2016, Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 119, pp. 533 - 558
Global governance and financial stability (2015)
Moshirian, F., Journal of Banking and Finance, 55, 358-360
Commonality in news around the world (2015)
Dang TL, Moshirian F, Zhang B, 2015, Journal of Financial Economics 116(1):82-110.
Restraining Overconfident CEOs through Improved Governance: Evidence from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2015)
Banerjee S; Humphery-Jenner ML; Nanda V, 2015, The Review of Financial Studies, vol. 28, pp. 2812 - 2858,
Global governance: Global banks and shadow banks supervision (2014)
Moshirian F, Journal of Banking and Finance 48:307-311.
Liquidity shocks, governance, systemic risk and financial stability (2014)
Ellis L, Haldane A, McAndrews J, Moshirian F, 2014, Journal of Banking and Finance 45(1):171-174.